Voilah! 2019: Nouvelles perspectives through novel exchanges

Voilah! 2019 also presents programmes that facilitate exchanges between the two communities, and propose alternative views on familiar issues and spaces.

Four Francophone writers will take part in the annual Singapore Writers Festival to share their perspectives on the role of language in the formation of identities and communities. Linguist Louis-Jean Calvet, poet Roja Chamankar, and writers Kamel Daoud and Victor Dixen will join in conversations with Singapore and regional writers to discuss the power of the pen to shape realities and bring imaginative universes to life.

Voilah! also includes several exhibitions that serves as a platform to present novel perspectives of the way we view our world and society. One of them is NO TASTE FOR BAD TASTE at the National Design Centre. This showcase for design aficionados that is travelling to some 20 countries makes its Singapore stop for Voilah!, and will present some 40 design masterpieces from renowned design maestros like Philippe Starck and Jean-Paul Gaultier. This exhibition will also invite you to join in the conversation about design thinking through a panel discussion exploring the links and bridges between Singapore and France design scenes with French designer Matali Crasset who has been collaborating recently with the National Museum of Singapore. 

Artist and filmmaker, Hervé Cohen, provides an interesting take on the subways of the world through his immersive installation, Life Underground. Presented at the National Museum of Singapore, the project captures scenes of subways in 18 cities around the world. It takes a refreshing look on the unseen connections and networks that are present beneath the surface, challenging viewers to re-define their conceptualisations of who they are in relation to the people around them. 

On a larger scale, Urban Mutations, presented by Science Centre Singapore and Universcience Paris, will provide critical insight into the topic of cities and their constant evolution. The immersive exhibition allow visitors both young and old to step into the shoes of a mayor to realise their own cities of the future, and in the process explore the influence of the city environment on an individual’s life.

Voilah! is supported by a close to 100 institutions, including the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, the Singapore Tourism Board, the Land Transport Authority and the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore to transform the festival into an important fixture of Singapore’s events calendar, reaching audiences beyond Singapore to the rest of the region.

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