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Want to open a subsidiary in Singapore, set up a company or create a startup, and use Singapore as a regional base to grow in Asia? Let us make it easy, quick and successful for you!

With an average of 3 company set up per month (major groups, SMEs-Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, startups and future entrepreneurs), the French Chamber of Commerce is a major actor to incorporate a company or a subsidiary in Singapore. Benefit from our expertise, up to date knowledge and our wide range of personalised services to answer your needs.

Three main options to setup a company in Singapore

1 - Representative Office (RO): simple but temporary entity (1 to 3 years) with no legal business structure. The only goal of a RO is to conduct market research in Singapore and Southeast Asia on the viability of setting up a permanent business entity here.

2 - Private Limited (Pte Ltd): independent legal entity with limited liability of its associates. This permanent legal entity will be able to expand the company’s commercial activities in the region.

3 - Branch: the foreign-based headquarters controls the local company and is responsible for its liabilities. It must carry out the same activities as the HQ.

Entrepreneur focus

Since 2016, freelancing (for non-Singaporean or PR) through a Sole Proprietorship is not possible anymore. Alternatives are to create a Private Limited, open a Representative Office or get hired in a local company. You are looking for a work space or a business address? Discover our Business Centre

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