Connected, Safe and Secure Cities

Having a strong digital network is the backbone for any city to function appropriately. To provide safe and reliable services, communication, speed and reliability are crucial, all of which boils down to having a strong digital infrastructure

The global demand for stronger, faster and safer networks has accelerated in recent years, largely driven by the pandemic and its resulting global lockdown. Remote working is now the new normal. Coupled with surging in-home connectivity and the uncertain landscape which has opened doors for cyber attackers, scammers, and other threats, there is a great pressure on flexible digital infrastructures.

The reliability and safety of networks under new demands becomes critically important for security. The right mix of technologies, such as machine learning algorithms, cloud computing solutions, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and many more, need to be adopted in order to better manage bigger and heavier data streams. 

What are the French tech solutions available in Singapore and the region?


1. Collaborative Platforms for Public Safety and Transparency


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