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We support Start-ups and Entrepreneurs’ Business growth

- Free dedicated programmes:

  • The Business Accelerator Lab: One-off pitch session between one entrepreneur and a panel of advisors to challenge business plans and provide some directions, contacts and recommendations to move forward.
  • The Duo Mentoring: A long-term and one-on one counselling program between one executive from large MNCs or senior expert to guide one entrepreneur in its business development

- Experience sharing and round table sessions with successful entrepreneurs for tips and best practices exchanges

- Targeted workshops and meetings for insightful information on the non-core business fields (business development, finance, digital marketing...)

- Dedicated events to boost the connection with our network of more than 750 companies

- Gateway to South East Asia expansion through the French Chambers’ of commerce network

Mission and objective

A free dedicated business programme to support startups and entrepreneurs


  • Eric Saint-André  - ASA Advisory Services
  • Valérie Marin - Distribution Asiatique
  • Olivier Grometto - Co-Owner/Managing Director, Qingwa
  • Laetitia de Sero - Wavecell

The Business Accelerator Lab: A business model and growth validation session


Every month, the Business Accelerator Lab meets one French entrepreneur seeking to present his business plan and strategic challenges to get recommendations and contacts from a panel of advisors (successful entrepreneurs, experts in various sectors and functions, individuals looking to invest in companies).

Since its creation in 201540 start-ups and entrepreneurs have been supported and advised by the Business Accelerator Lab and 30 advisors have joined our pool of experts. 

PTGEM, Swim To Fly, We Link Talent, SENSA.IO by Remedial Performance, Play2See, W2P Consulting, Positive Energy, Ashenfeld, Ergapolis are some of the small businesses who have participated to that programme.

The Mentoring Programme: A one-to-one advice programme from high-profile business executives


This co-initiative , along with the French Trade Advisors, provides advice and deep insights to French startups, entrepreneurs and SME representatives who have already more than one year of activity in Singapore and are in the midst of expanding their business in the region.

Candidates who apply, benefit from their mentor’s professional experience, contacts and advice through one-to-one meeting and  up to 12 months.

Targeted sessions for insightful information


A monthly opportunity to connect with a CEO of a large company.

- Six companies directly selected by the CEO according to their relevance and connection with business needs or interests.

- A win-win session: CEOs connect directly with experts and innovative companies from various sectors and functions and agree in sharing their experience, advice and contacts.

Last year’s participants: Jean Drouffe, AXA, Kevin Chow, Thales, Hugues Ricour, Ubisoft, Patrick Pennamen, Naval Group, Denis Bonhomme, Total, See Wee Goh, Atos, Eric Festy, Hermès

The French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore with the French Tech community work together to foster innovation and bridge the gap between startups and MNCs.

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