Start-ups & Entrepreneurs

We support Start-ups and Entrepreneurs’ Business growth

- Free dedicated programmes:

  • The Business Accelerator Lab: One-off pitch session between one entrepreneur and a panel of advisors to challenge business plans and provide some directions, contacts and recommendations to move forward.
  • The Duo Mentoring: A long-term and one-on one counselling program between one executive from large MNCs or senior expert to guide one entrepreneur in its business development
  • Meet the CEO: A monthly opportunity to connect with a CEO of a large company.
  • The French Investors Network: a network of investors looking for new projects to invest in, for all the Startups & Entrepreneurs who are looking funds. (If you are selling your company or if you are looking for co-founders, please contact us.)

- Experience sharing and round table sessions with successful entrepreneurs for tips and best practices exchanges

- Targeted workshops and meetings for insightful information on the non-core business fields (business development, finance, digital marketing...)

- Dedicated events to boost the connection with our network of more than 750 companies

- Gateway to South East Asia expansion through the French Chambers’ of commerce network

Mission and objective

A free dedicated business programme to support startups and entrepreneurs


  • Eric Saint-André  - ASA Advisory Services
  • Valérie Marin - Distribution Asiatique
  • Olivier Grometto - Qingwa
  • Laetitia de Seroux - Wavecell

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