Sustainable Business

Mission & Objectives

The Sustainable Business Committee acts as a platform for learning, sharing, networking and matching companies so that they can achieve their circular economy and sustainability goals. Our “Towards Sustainable Business” vision is to emphasise how sustainability can be used as a leverage to boost an inclusive and sustainable growth while preserving our future and the role businesses play in this collective effort.

Why join the events of this committee:

  • To increase one’s understanding of key sustainability and climate change issues
  • To share practical approaches for how French companies (or FCCS members) are leveraging new opportunities for growth, performance, and competitiveness that also delivers positive environmental and social outcomes;
  • To be part of a forum convening Singaporean and French companies to advance the dialogue, collective action and business opportunities around sustainability and the circular economy
  • To be inspired by sustainability leaders
  • To network and be part of the sustainability and social ecosystem
  • To promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Upcoming Events

CEO Sustainability Series


  • Bert Deprest - ENGIE
  • Chee Kiang LIM - Schneider Electric
  • Sian PETIGNY - Sodexo Service Asia
  • Lydia WONG - Veolia ES Singapore

Impacts & Sustainability Advisors

  • Anne LANGOURIEUX - The Matcha Initiative
  • Charlotte BREIL-COLETTE - The Matcha Initiative


Contact: Emily JIANG



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